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Competency mapping

A complete competency mapping service, either using observation techniques or psychometric tools or a combination of both ensures that you have a complete competency map of your organization. In today's competitive business world, it is essential for an organization's leadership to understand the competency map and talents at work and utilise these talents to the benefit of the organization.

Cornucopia's approach to competency framework design is to work closely with key players in organizations to develop or update their competency models, positioning the content to the end user needs. We identify the appropriate behaviours that will make the difference between mediocre and excellent performance and also to consider the future demands on the business.


Effective competency models are imperative to business success. They form the backbone and drive many HR and business activities including:

  • Communicating the direction and culture of the business;
  • Explicitly stating what excellent work behaviours look like;
  • Providing objective measures for assessment in both selection and development situations;
  • Identifying specific strengths and on-going development areas for individuals;
  • Supporting appraisal systems and personal development plans;
  • Tailoring the competency model to individual jobs or roles;
  • Providing a robustness in the light of Equal Opportunities and compliance with Employment Legislation.