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Cornucopia offers Developmental Assessment Centres with a view to identifying the strengths and areas of learning for the people.

Competency is a cluster of Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours. We consider the inter-play within this definition as "knowledge helps to build the skills and behaviours help to demonstrate the skills". Hence, a competency, at the end, becomes a demonstrated behaviour. This factor is well engrained in our approach to Assessment Centres.

Our Assessment Centre is an end to end service, encompassing:

  • Building a competency profile for the target group, through focused interactions;
  • Building tools using "in-tray" to assess the behaviours;
  • Individual Assessment Reports;
  • One on One feedback to participants on their areas of learning as well as areas of strength;
  • OD analysis using the Assessment data and management presentation.

Our robust process ensures:

  • The element of human bias is significantly reduced, if not eliminated
  • Tool is designed in such a manner that the participants are "out of their comfort zones"
  • Profiled competencies are elaborately defined

Rating scale is designed such that the final assessment report carries clarity